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Reading and Writing Erei-(Othography of Erei) now out

This long awaited Reading and Writing book (the orthography of Erei language) is now out and can be got by all Erei and non – Erei speakers by order. Hear what Dr. Ogban Ogban-Iyam has to say about the book:

…Reverend Friday Inya’s work: Reading and Writing Erei (Orthography of Erei): A Proposal for Writing Erei Language has provided and will continue to provide me and other like -minded Erei people, tremendous relief and hope about Erei language.  It has also set a professional standard work in Erei language that has surpassed any other work in Erei language that I am familiar with.  As Rev. Friday Inya has clearly and modestly stated, this work is a proposal for reading and writing Erei Language. I have no doubt that he has increased the motion for the reading and writing of Erei Language as well as the debate on Orthography of Erei….

…May this work be the beginning of a stable and continuous work in Erei language and an inspiration for other lovers of reading and writing Erei language.  I am, therefore, recommending this book not only to all Erei literates at home and abroad but also to other orthographers who wish to join Rev. Friday Inya in this project.”

 Dr. Ogban Ogban-Iyam

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Reading and Writing Erei

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