Reading and Writing Erei

About erei

The well-over 20,000 Erei people live at varying distances between the middle and the upper Cross River basin. They live on both sides of the river for which reason they derive the slogan: "Erei anugho oyọ aphyẹ a immị", and "Erei Ise-maa-ise." Friday Inya is a Missionary Linguist and Christian Cultural Anthropologist, First Chaplain of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru; Past National Director of Missions of the PCN, and of the Regional Synod of the North; International Evangelist and Missions' Educationist, and a Translation Consultant Intern.
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5 Responses to Reading and Writing Erei

  1. AARON ODOM UWEN says:

    I was very much happy when I saw Erei language on the internet, GOD who gave you the strength will continue to strengthen you.

  2. erei says:

    Thank you all!
    Reading and Writing Erei will be launched along with the Gospel according St. Luke in Erei on the Easter Monday 9-April-2012, by 10 a.m. at the open field of the Presbyterian Primary School, opposite the Erei police station, Urugbam.
    Let us make it an Erei Day!
    There will be great entertainment too: cultural dances, choir songs, children recitations, drama, etc. Send us your phone number so we will keep you informed.

  3. okpo onugh(jrn) says:

    May the almighty God bless people of Erei

  4. Edadi eghong igbor says:

    May God be with us,and dliver us,in jesus name:erei samo,urugham samo.tanx,am happy 4 diz development,:

  5. Igbor Inyang Ukam says:

    Odom onun unnẹennep. Wẹ etọ ikọ obhasi, se onun unọng ngẹ gẹ eghọn ẹ wọ ogban ẹ Ekpeyeng! Amẹn.

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